We can feel the influence of American graffiti in his works. He borrows the codes of Pop Art with accuracy and freshness.

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Gianni Immordino, alias ARPE, is a young 23 year old artist who lives in Aix-en-Provence. Coming from the world of graffiti since he was 15 years old, he started to express himself freely in a « wild » way in the street, on walls, highways, metro stations, alongside other graffiti artists from the region such as Domer Fier from the RDC Crew, Toper, Tramp 6bor from the AMC Crew, which earned him a few arrests and costly fines.

For the past 3 years his style has been evolving and developing in his studio, perfecting his stencil work.

ARPE likes to work on his works with a background of superimposed colours and materials. The artist masters different techniques, whether it is the stencil that he likes, spray painting and inks to finalize his works.

His creations, often colourful, are full of life and offer us graphic compositions where characters and stylised portraits appear.

ARPE has a very sensitive look at our society in order to create works that carry messages for a fairer world.

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