Birdy Kids

Founded in 2010, Birdy Kids is a group of street art made up by three creators who have the same goal in common: creating gay and colorful street art within the reach of everybody.

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Based in Lyon, Birdy Kids appeared in the form of graffiti by the end of the 80s. The group became famous by making its artwork on the highways in Lyon, their favorite playground. Large expanses of virgin concrete, with close to 300 000 vehicles through it everyday the Grand Lyon highway, definetely has an strategic location.

At first viewed as common graffiti and then as a degradation of public space by most people, thanks to its gay and colorful aspect, the groups’ artwork became one of most appreciated graffiti by drivers in Lyon and their work belongs now to the few graffiti protected by the cleaning services of the city.

In the beginning of 2010, Birdy Kids was recognized by the public as the main representative of Urban art in Lyon. Conscious of their big impact on the population, the group actively participates to the democratization of street art by claiming a perfectionist art with unique creativity and style.

The vision of the group is to create a real interaction between the passersby and the artistic work, by positioning their art at the heart of the urban spaces. This modern vision has allowed the group to be recognized as  » Cultural Embassadors » of the city of Lyon, during a contest gathering ten of the biggest European capitals in 2012.

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