Jo Di Bona

Since the early 90s’ Jo has been working on walls and trains with Nestor & Lek, with their VF team. A fervent fan of graffiti, Jo gradually moved away from it and created what he would later call the « POP GRAFFITI », mixing collages, various influences of Graffiti, but also the Pop culture with which he had become deeply immersed…

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New emblematic face of the Parisian street art scene, Jo Di Bona owes his dazzling success to the unique technique he invented himself: pop graffiti. His work associates collages, diverse graffiti influences and the pop culture he is deeply immersed in. Fauvist of the modern times, Jo mixes colors and movements to create faces filled with poetry, emotions and joie de vivre. In his creations, Jo pays tribute with the same tenderness to icons and great historical figures as to unknown strangers. He projects a kind look onto the human being as “sharing is what matters to me most” (Artist’up)

Rewarded in 2014 with the prestigious “1st Prize of Graffiti” from the EDF Foundation, Jo has since produced many international exhibits, performances and murals. To be noted in particular are his murals on display at the Museum of Immigration in Paris,
his huge murals in Paris, at the Loures Arte Publica in Lisbon or for the French Consulate in the heart of Atlanta, side by side with Virginie Barrou Planquart and Joël Knafo in international fairs in NYC, Miami, London, Hong-Kong, Lausanne or Munich…and his monumental artworks during the Street Art for Mankind exhibitions of New-York and Miami.

Praised by the media, Jo has, among other things, been presented at the French News on channel France 2, M6 or in the Télématin program, made the cover of the magazines “Arts Magazine”, “Street Art Magazine”, “Paris Tonkar”, was listed by the website APSTER among “the top 10 artists to follow in 2016” or in the top 5 of Konbini’s favorite Street Artists in 2018, and made the front page of the prestigious New York Times for his mural created in tribute to the “Petit Cambodge”. Jo was also one of the first Street Artists to exhibit his work at the United Nations in NYC in January 2017. (Audrey Decker)

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Sweet Skin by Jo Di Bona


All our unique works are original creations, each copy is numbered and signed by the artist to offer you exclusivity.

This giant vintage letter « S » of 1m20 is customized by the artist. Jo Di Bona.
It will bring a vintage and pop graffiti spirit to your interior, either on the floor or on the wall.

Mixed technique on aluminium, car paint finish.
Composition : Aluminium
Dimensions (WxHxD): 110 x 120 x 10 cm

Sold Out!

Sweet Skin par Jo Di Bona


Toutes nos oeuvres uniques sont des créations originales, chaque exemplaire est numéroté et signé par l’artiste pour vous offrir l’exclusivité.

Cette lettre « S » vintage géante de 1m20 est customisée par l’artiste Jo Di Bona.
Elle apportera un esprit vintage & Pop Graffiti à votre intérieur, soit posée au sol ou accrochée au mur.

Technique mixte sur aluminium, finition peinture automobile.
Composition : Aluminium
Dimensions (LxHxP) : 110 x 120 x 10 cm

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