Joachim Romain

Fascinated by his birth place, his art was inspired, at first, by deterioration and urban typography (urban typo). After working in the printing industry, his work reflects the world of advertisement through use of typography and prototypes. Joachim Romain also developed an interest for the use of paper and started creating portraits with advertisement posters, prolonging their life cycle.

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Joachim Romain is a french artist born in 1973 in the Havre (Normandie, France).

He was confronted to art from a very young age, having grown up in a house full of classical and contemporary art. He then discovered different forms of art, such as photography, after receiving his first camera at the age of 15, or graffiti, after moving to Paris at the age of 18.

Joachim Romain works with ripped, cut or burnt photographs, turning them into unique pieces of art. He also combines his fascination for photographic portraits and his attraction for urban clichés to represent men, artistic, political or commercial icons that were worn by time and urban life.

The artist also works in situ, ripping pieces of portraits from posters in the streets and creating murals, bringing them out and giving them a certain importance, or revival.

His work was exposed at individual and collective exhibits in France and abroad such as in Miami or Brussels.

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Baril Red Man by Joachim Romain


All our unique works are original creations, each copy is numbered and signed by the artist to offer you exclusivity.

This reconditioned vintage barrel is customized by the artist Joachim Romain.
It will give an industrial and urban spirit to your interior.

Worn and torn posters were used by the artist to customize this barrel.
Hand varnished finishes.
Dimensions (Hxd) : 88 x 54 cm

Sold Out!

Baril Red Man par Joachim Romain


Toutes nos oeuvres uniques sont des créations originales, chaque exemplaire est numéroté et signé par l’artiste pour vous offrir l’exclusivité.

Ce baril vintage remis en état est customisé par l’artiste Joachim Romain.
Il donnera un esprit industriel et urbain à votre intérieur.

Des affiches usées et lacérées ont servi à l’artiste pour customiser ce baril.
Finitions vernis à la main.
Dimensions (Hxd) : 88 x 54 cm

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