In his works, we can see that Rauky does not censor himself, in the theme as in the treatise. A real breath of fresh air for someone whose job it was to always find meaning in his creations.

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Born in 1979 in Saint-Etienne, Rauky is a French artist. He currently lives and works in Lyon.

Rauky has been passionate about drawing, since his childhood. He followed an artistic formation specializing in advertising and started a professional career in this field. However he has never stop drawing, the artist is constantly practicing and improving his drawing techniques.

An artistic director by profession, Rauky follows the same meticulousness in the construction of his personal pieces. After several years creating black and white pieces, he started experimenting with color, which accentuates the strength and the intensity of his compositions.

Rauky gets his inspiration from several fields such as video clips, fashion, advertisement, poetry, cinema, architecture as well as from his life in order to create pieces free from all censorship.

Contrary to his job, in the creation of his personal artwork, Rauky faces countless possibilities.

His compositions are characterized by a saturated, colorful and vivid style.

This discreet artist exposes his work only in private events for the moment.

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Skateboard par Rauky


Année : 2019
Technique : Acrylique sur bois.
Tirage : Oeuvre unique.
Signature : Signé par l’artiste à la main.
Authentification: Oeuvre vendue avec certificat d’authenticité et facture galerie FD.
Support : Bois d’érable 8 couches.
Dimensions (LxHxP) :  80 x 60 x 1,5 cm

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